25th Birthday shot

Leila had always thought being a dj was something that her future held for her. However, growing up in the middle of nowhere (Earlton, NY) Leila didn’t hear durm and bass until her college years – but she quickly fell in love & knew that’s what she wanted to spin. In 2006 she bought her first set of technics, stacks of records & devoted at least 8 hrs a day to teaching herself the art.

Within a month Leila had her first show and within 6 months she became a member of DPIM recordings & released her first demo. “The Great Conjunction” was passed onto legendary turntablist/DJ Jen Mas (NYC) who selected Leila as the winner of the title of “best up & comer female dj” in 2007. She earned a slot at an all female dj event & gained more popularity fast. Within the next year she won several other contests including several where the party-goers got to vote on the dj’s they wanted to hear spin. Her continued success, popularity, unique style and constantly growing skills led to her being asked to be a part of Spread the Word Productions & Konkrete Jungle New Haven. She has not only played KJ New Haven, but was the first female DJ to play Konkrete Jungle Buffalo and Albany. She has also played the legendary Konkrete Jungle NYC, been a member of Konkrete Jungle Albany, second in command at Bass Camp Recordings and is currently helping to run DNBC (Drum and Bass Coalition) with DJs Hokilla & Mentally Ill.

Since her start only 5 years ago – Leila has accomplished a lot. She’s opened up for headliners such as Evol Intent, Freaky Flow, Big Gigantic, KRS-1, Break Science, Jumping Jack Frost, SST, Biodiesel, Joe Nice, Jayline, The Horrorist, Infected Mushroom, the Crystal Method, Donald Glaude, Hive, D:Fuse, Simon Bassline Smith & many more at countless radio shows, club events, & festivals all over the country. She & Mentally Ill currently host an event at Red Square in Albany, NY every month & they have also helped to organize & play at dj stages at outdoor festivals throughout the summer. She has released several mixes (live and studio recorded) and is currently a member of DNBC (NY), Operation Breakbeat (CT), Bass Camp Recordings (NY), M.A.D.E. (MA).

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