Musical Style

Leila Harrison was born in Yonkers, NY in August of 1983. She lived there until she was 6 years old and her parents decided to get out of the busy city life. They moved to a tiny town in upstate New York called Earlton, about 20 miles south of Albany, New York’s capital city.

Her parents were always lovers of music and the arts. Her first concert was going to see Rusted Root at the age of 10. A year later, for her 11th birthday, her parents brought her to Woodstock ’94. Leila has spent a large portion of her life with her parents, going to countless shows that most young kids would never experience. They loved the Rolling Stones, U2, Green Day, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and countless others. Her parents even supported her as she developed her own style, bringing her out to see Marilyn Manson shows while still in junior high.

It was in her senior year when Leila and a few of her friends started sneaking into night clubs in and around New York’s Capital District. After only a few weeks, she heard of the first rave she would ever attend. The party was called “The Whole Truth” and would be held in Springfield, MA. She immediately organized a carpool of friends, all more than willing to attend the first party where they could legally gain entry (16+).

Immediately she fell in love. The sounds, styles, environment and the fact that she didn’t stick out like a sore thumb! She had always been described as the ‘freak’ in her class of just under 100 people and she loved the fact that everyone at the rave seemed to have a sense of freedom she had been looking for. They were free spirits; individuals in there own ways and this sparked something inside her. At first she fell in love with the lighter side of trance music. DJ’s such as Paul Oakenfold & Paul Van Dyk. She soon found herself attracted to the darker side of electronic dance music as a whole; listening to a lot of hardcore and dark trance. During this development period, she was inspired by local and resident DJs like Myth I-S, The Horrorist and Delirium.

Her musical tastes continued to grow and develop as she got further into the rave scene until finally – she fell in love with drum n’ bass. Since 2006 she has been tearing up the decks all over the country and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon!
It wasn’t until Leila attended a party in Baltimore, MD that Leila truly found her muse in the form of drum ‘n bass. Even though she went specifically to see one of her favorite trance DJs, a friend insisted she go downstairs to see AK1200. She had heard DnB before, but she hadn’t taken the time to really listen. She fell for it instantly; ditching the DJ she had come to see, deciding instead that AK1200 sounded so much better. She then spent the rest of the night downstairs in the DnB room.

The first DnB track that impacted her own style was “Up All Night” by John B. She had mused at the thought of being a DJ before then, but it wasn’t until hearing that track that she knew she wanted to spin drum ‘n bass. Every year after that, for birthday’s and Christmas, she asked her parents to get her turntables. They consistently refused, fearing Leila was only passing through some sort of phase or fad.

So, in 2006, Leila decided to just go for it and make the investment herself. She logged onto eBay and not only found herself some nice decks, but also started buying records as quickly as she could. She spent hours locked in her room at first just learning how to beat match her records. By then she had turned into a huge Shy Fx fan. Shortly after that moving on to harder DnB stylings; Spor, Uknown Error, Evol Intent, State of Mind, Ewun, E-sassin, Counterstrike & Mumblz.

Ever since Leila started spinning records in June of 2006, she saw a hole in the DnB scene, a lack of DJs willing to venture deep into the dark side. She decided to fill that void by spinning ‘evil tracks’, citing something about those grimy bass-lines that she can’t get enough of. She likes shaking the walls and being able to feel the vibrations through her body.

She has performed many times at shows all over the United States, starting only a month after teaching herself how to spin. Her influences and track selections are ever expending, bringing together the stylings of Subfocus, Ben Sage, and Keaton & Hive, as well as many of the ‘harder’ producers mentioned before. She quickly made a local name for herself not only for her choice of ‘evil’ tracks with deep bass lines, but also for her style of mixing.

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